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Friday, July 8, 2011

College is a Scam

I was on Youtube looking through some conspiracy theories just for fun, and I found a promoted video that said, The College Conspiracy: College is the biggest scam in U.S. history!

I want to point out that I think most conspiracy theories are lame and manufactured for someone's benefit, but I have thought for a while now that college is the next bubble waiting to burst.  The college inflation rate for tuition and expenses is increasing so fast it is easy to see that it is unsustainable.

The video (posted below) makes some good points, but I think they have their own agenda to promote as they use scare tactics and ask you to sign up for something (albeit free) at the end.  The video even gives some examples of why tuition is rising so much.  One of the most interesting points made in the video is that colleges have been using false and misleading statistics to make students believe that a job is waiting for them after graduation.

One example shown is that of the so called "pharmacist shortage".  Apparently 15 schools were about to open pharmacology schools and had to create demand for them, but they decided to do this by placing stories that there was a shortage of pharmacists in the U.S. 

The video also promotes the purchase of gold and silver because the U.S. dollar is losing its value.  These kind of mass campaigns for buy anything worry me a little.

Anyway, I have always thought that college was a system set up far more like a business than an education system where nothing is free.  Parking, books, tuition, room and board and so on are all offered to students at a price.  I believe in the idea that students will learn more on the job than in the classroom.  (I have a BAA)   I am all for trade schools and revamping the way the education system is now.

So take a look at the video, but be warned it is an hour long and does seem shady at times.

Let me know what you think of the video. Also, look around at the all the college advertisements, if they had the best education around they wouldn't need to advertise.

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